Thousands Of People Banned From Casinos In Switzerland

According to the CFMJ or the Federal Gambling Commission and the NZZ AM Sontag, more than 50,000 people have been blocked by Swiss casinos. This figure increases with research given the craze of gambling in the country.

An alarming finding

According to the information collected, 50,262 individuals are no longer allowed in the 21 active casinos in Switzerland. In 2016, the Federal Commission added 4,000 more people to this list. Casinos are required to update their database and notify officials in the event of a problem. The principle is to prohibit participation in any casino game to over-spending customers who risk contracting significant debts. It should be noted that the blocking is also carried out on request. Indeed, many consumers themselves ask to be turned away, an unusual approach that we discover regularly.

During this year, the turnover fell considerably and the profits reached only 689 million Swiss francs. That is a 30% decrease in income in 10 years. Such a loss stems exclusively from the resurgence of illegal clubs and online casinos which bring together players from all over the world. Access to games of chance on the net attracts a multitude of Internet users, namely the Swiss, the French and the majority of Europeans. Moreover, this formula provides undeniable advantages in terms of conditions of use, comfort and availability. It’s hard not to be tempted given the size of the game library and the presence of progressive jackpots.

New regulations in force

Parliament agrees to pass a law on gambling aimed at prohibiting the expansion of foreign platforms. This decision helps to replenish the coffers of local casinos by attracting visitors and reducing illegal activity. Currently, three committees are collecting signatures for the referendum as part of this project. In the process, it is not yet clear whether Swiss casinos also want to ride the virtual wave.

Thousands Of People Banned From Casinos In Switzerland

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